Singula appoints Louise Callenberg as CEO

Singula is the knowledge company in management, IT and tech that will change the labor market for experts in tech and digital transformation. With the vision to create more space for people, companies and ideas so that we find ways forward faster and more sustainably, Singula's heavy tech profile is now combined with behavioral science and management profile in collaboration with their new CEO Louise Callenberg.
Louise is one of Sweden's leading advisers in digital transformation in public and non-profit sector with extensive experience of assignments as elected representative, manager and leader. Her leadership qualities are acknowledged and with her communicative and strategic leadership, it is a perfect match with Singula's mission.

"To be involved in creating the foundation for a completely modern democratic company, with high-profile colleagues in game development, advanced technology, IT-governance and change management is a dream. Here I can combine knowledge about the driving forces of society and people, deep technical knowledge with how collaboration and learning lay the foundation for successful culture in operations and assignments, says Louise Callenberg," incoming CEO of Singula.

Singula is a company that puts the competence of its employees in focus and in this way gets all the ideation, experience and courage needed to drive digital transformation and take advantage of the full potential that exists when people and technology interact.

"Our conviction is that more power needs to be released in Sweden. We must remove what hinders development and slows it down. To achieve this, we need a high level of knowledge in all the areas required for the assignments and have a top-class culture where each individual can feel like a star and be rewarded as a team player. To succeed with that, we need a CEO like Louise," says Amer Hadsvik, chairman of Singula.

As a former leader in the public sector, as for example head of collaboration and renewal in Swedish association for local authorities and regions (SKR), she has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist for the public sector, and for small and medium-sized companies, to succeed in ensuring to create more quality of life and benefit for more through digital transformation.

As a theologian, she also has a great commitment to AI ethics (eAI) and the responsibility that lies with those who control, lead and drive the digital development in society. This is a societal change that takes shape due to the fourth industrial revolution and that paves the way for a data-driven global economy.

Louise Callenberg will take over on 1/1 2022 as CEO. To Singula's owner company sngl AB, she joins consulting company Callenberg ARTS and continues with assignments in consulting, project management, leadership and board training on digital transformation and sustainable development. In 2022, the company ARTS will be launched within the group, which will provide training, master classes, methods and insights for professionals in all sectors that are expected to lead and drive change in their existing structures and organizations.

Louise also has a co-ownership and a board role in Public Insight Holdings, which creates opportunities for more small and medium-sized companies to become part of the today modestly exploited public market through insights and digital support as well as coaching in procurement work.

Media contact

Louise Callenberg
CEO, Singula AB, +46 76 307 98 32

Amer Hadsvik
Chairman of the Board, Singula AB, +46 70 565 36 28

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