Patric Hjorth

Frontend Developer
Engineer with a history of leading frontend development. Passionate about the 'how' in creating products and taking on new challenges. Intuitive, open-minded and a joy to have around.

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Key skills


Typescript, Javascript, React, Vue, Angular, Web development, Cloud Services, UX

Tools & Methods

Next.js, Nuxt, Node.js, GraphQL, Firebase

Way of Working

Agile, Scrum, Kanban

Meet Patric

Assignments in focus

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Lead Frontend Developer

2022-01 to ongoing
My role was to choose tech stack and build and configure a new frontend for the client. When the foundation was laid, other developers migrated the previous site to the new frontend while I moved on to create a new product for the site.

Tailwind, Next.js, React, Yarn workspaces, Rollup


Frontend Developer

2021-05 to 2022-01
Worked in a team of two developers to set up a new frontend for the client, moving from a Wordpress solution. During my time we build the store with account and cart integrations, along with a checkout.

GraphQL, Nuxt, Vue, Vue Storefront, Klarna Checkout, Typescript, SASS


Frontend Developer

2021-03 to 2021-05
One part of a frontend team of two to build an issue management portal that via SSO, an existing API and our own portal backend could handle the creation and handling of new requests. The portal was built using Angular and SCSS, as well as using Azure as a cloud solution.

Angular, SCSS, Typescript

How I approach assignments


Good solutions come in different forms and with different perspectives, and aren’t always what we are used to.


A well functioning product is best created by a well functioning team. Communication and collaboration are pillars of this.


Preparing for and thinking about solutions and issues beforehand is often more time efficient than starting over.


Working with individual ownership for efficiency and motivation.

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