Magnus Espersson

Embedded Systems Developer
Driven system developer that for the past ten years has been working with an array of different tasks related to embedded systems. Magnus is powered by high code quality and has a great interest in developing applications according to TDD principles, and sharing knowledge with processes like code reviews. As a person, he is unpretentious, knowledge-seeking, and a solid team player.

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Key skills


C, C++, Embedded Systems, Python

Tools & Methods

Linux, Git, Docker, Conan, Buildroot, Ansible, AWS, Jira, Gitlab, Jenkins

Way of Working

Agile, Scrum, Kanban, CI/CD, TDD, DevOps

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Assignments in focus

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Embedded System Developer

2021-02 to ongoing
Developing embedded linux system, part of the core C++ team.

C++, TeamCity, GitHub, Bitbucket


DevOps Developer

2021-04 to 2022-01
DevOps developer with focus towards C++ toolchains combined with Conan, Ansible, Linux, AWS, Gitlab CI/CD and Docker.

Gitlab CI/CD, Linux, C++ toolchains, Conan, Ansible, Docker, AWS


Embedded System Developer

Aritco Lift
2018-04 to 2021-04
Senior embedded systems developer in a small agile team, working with everything from developing a new IoT product from scratch to production and low level embedded development.

C, C++, Python, Buildroot, IoT

How I approach assignments


Developing code with focus on code that is easy to read, maintain and test.


Encouraging communication and knowledge sharing in the daily work and a driver of processes like retrospectives to continuously improve as a team.


Considering writing tests a natural part of writing code to raise the code quality and to simplify reviewing and maintaining the code.


I am a big fan of using the CI/CD system to eliminate manual tasks and as a gate keeper for code quality.

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