How can we be 10 out of 10 for the customer, ourselves and our colleagues?

How can we be 10 out of 10 for the customer, ourselves and our colleagues?

What relationship does not strive to create a value that becomes lasting? It is together that we humans create magic and accomplish things that each of us could not have done ourselves. With information technology, IoT and data management, we can also create such together with machines. But not without knowing what we want and having a way to ensure that we achieve our goals through human interaction.

Singula wants to unleash the creativity of our customers to reach their development potential. Together with our consultants, Singula also wants to realize our goals and dreams of an equal and profitable modern teal company.

We offer our customers qualified consultants, who not only work with continuous improvements in their IT development, but also with the teams they are part of and with themselves and their assignment as a consultant. Constant learning and reflective leadership are our hallmarks.

That is why we have a unique model for follow-up and relationship building with our customers and partners. Where a Singula consultant is, we must constantly work to contribute to the team's and the organization's high levels of ambition. With us, it should be rewarding to work, developing to collaborate and you should gain perspective through our knowledge and our way of contributing to the whole, the team members and partial deliveries.

The Singula way encompasses three perspectives that all strive to be a ten out of a ten. You should want to be a ten of a ten for yourself, for your mission and for Singula as a community. It is the will that is the key and 10 out of 10 is a goal of endeavor.

The question that can always be asked is what is needed for me to be able to stretch a little more or develop further on my assignment? what do you need for us to succeed? What are your high expectations and what effects do you want to see in the assignments I do? What are your expectations of me as a colleague and what dream scenario do we have for our dream team? How should we feel, be and contribute to the culture where we are today? Could we recommend each other?

The goal is not to be a 10 out of a 10 at all. That is not realistic. But it is redemptive to want it and to talk about what we want. By being clear with both expectations and feedback on how things are going for us, we get tools to quickly correct working methods and deliveries or find skills that seem to be lacking.

Through our relationship as built by following our development towards what we expect, we also build trust and confidence. In this way, we can also deal with the unpredictable and find solutions to complex challenges together. This is a means to together with customers achieve the development potential that is the reason why you have chosen to work with us from Singula.

For Singulakonsulten, it is important that you feel that you are good as you are and can be who you want to be. It is to be a 10 out of a 10 for oneself. Boundaries and self-esteem are important qualities in all creative development work. For us at Singula, you are always the best version of yourself, when you take advantage of your potential and flourish. We want to create that space for our consultants together with our partners.

Our slogan: “Be your best. Be you ”captures this. When we humans are at our full potential and do what we are best at, then we flourish and the environment we are in.

Each consultant is tasked with conducting follow-up interviews where expectations in the assignment in the short and long term are reconciled, where there is an opportunity for feedback from both sides. In the reconciliation meetings, which are monthly, we ask "on a scale from 1 to 10, how do you think I deliver against expectations".

Based on that answer, we can explore together how it is today, where we are going and what we want to strengthen in our cooperation. Positive qualities that we value in each other are allowed to be highlighted and we lay the foundation for a strong professional teamwork with guaranteed hard results.

Join the journey you too! We all need to be our best version of ourselves in a mission we thrive and grow in.

Join us ♥

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